Brass rubbing scarves

Trying to find translations of “brass rubbing” was fruitless – other than ending up with different ways of saying “rubbing brass” (meaning with a cloth, elbow grease and a bottle of Brasso). I’ll search through the paper dictionaries at a later date.

These scarves were woven on the table loom, the first two in gold and silver, then the latter three in gold (was given a commission for a second one), copper and slate – all tencel with a black warp. The draft came from Alice Schlein’s website Weaverly and I’ve since noticed it posted on other blogs. Popular. Alice has posted a significant number of amalgamated drafts; the combination of two drafts in one (my simplified definition) really does add a lot of interest to the finished item in that the eye is constantly drawn from one pattern to the other.

The diagonal lines and “metallic” yarns (in shade rather than content) give these a real burnished look in the right light.