Leaf prints

eucalyptus scarf11A while ago I came back from a local op shop with a number of silk scarves and hankies, and leaf prints and indigo in mind. Then this weekend I managed to get hold of some Eucalyptus nicholii leaves, thanks to the local parrots who are currently “pruning” all the local trees and scattering the contents within easy reach. Nice.

I decided on simple and laid one scarf out on a piece of calico, dropping some leaves onto it as though they’d fallen that way, then eucalyptus scarf02placing another scarf on top and wrapping them up in a small bundle. They were placed in the steamer for around two hours, but I can’t be sure of the exact time.

euc scarf31After cooling slightly, the bundle was unwrapped with a pleasing result. The leaf prints appear slightly darker on one scarf, which was opaque, but one the translucent scarf they add to the blowing-in-the-wind effect rather than looking stationary.

Not bad for a first attempt. I did however notice that the prints in the centre of the bundle were paler (where the steam hadn’t penetrated as much) and the tighter end was a little ruffled. Point to remember for next time: wrap around a bamboo cane of at least 1/2″ diameter and steam for longer.


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