Eucalyptus cinerea

E cinerea1E. cinerea is about the only eucalyptus I’ve had success with in the dyepot. Although many sources advise that a mordant isn’t necessary, I wasn’t going to take any chances: 50:50 alum + CoT to 15% wof it was again. The leaves were dry and had been lying at the side of the house for a few months in the hope that some extra sun would improve the colour. They were placed in the pot along with their twigs, normal tap water as opposed to filtered, and simmered for about an hour. The liquid was a pale apricot colour, as opposed to E. sideroxylon which gives a deep, chocolate-red as E cinerea 2soon as it hits the water.

I persevered, and after straining and adding the yarn the liquid started to change and it was clear I was going to get something interesting. Unfortunately I can’t adjust the colour in the photo to reflect the true shade: a coppery-tomato. Reminds me of a stick of copper wax when I did some brass rubbing years ago.

The second photo is a bit more true; these were a couple of hanks I’d dyed before Christmas, both cinerea.

Not a common tree in nearby suburbs, but definitely worth hunting for and stocking up on the leaves.


2 thoughts on “Eucalyptus cinerea

  1. This is the one eucalypt I’ll stick to. Experiments with E. sideroxylon have only proved disappointing, although I have a cunning plan… Will keep trying other things to see how that amazing chocolatey can be captured on yarn. In the meantime, off to harvest some more cinerea…


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